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How Voltique Fits in...

Looking back at the correct methods of disinfection/sanitisation, Voltique is an optimised procedure that ensures the disinfection method is applied, conducted and delivered with the highest level of security.


  • The easy user-friendly method of the Voltique procedure ensures that all aspect of surfaces and environment is protected.

  • The transmission of disease between surface-user, user-surface, surface-environment and environment-surface is reduced to absolute. 

  • Food Safe

  • Voltique disinfectant procedure does not need to be applied daily.

  • The effective procedure only requires one application every 14-days. 

  • The efficacy rating is not reduced and the protection is at 100% throughout. 

  • Non-Toxic (both during application and once dry)

  • Food Safe

  • Kills 99.9999% of germs (1:1,000,000 remnant pathogens)

  • Causes cell rupture to prevent resistant mutation

  • Approved in Europe, US & NRCS

  • Non-leeching properties- will not "jump" from cleaned area

  • Tried and Tested against SARS Cov-19 Alpha (so effective against any variant)

  • Will not cause wear and tear on the surfaces to which it is applied



  • How does this benefit? 

  • This ensures that only cleaning procedures are required daily delivering economic benefits and reduced time. The active system also provides that in-between cleaning no harmful germs can reside, which protects against any prevalence of the disease.

  • Lastly, alongside high efficacy and economic benefits, the system cannot cause toxicological harm like most disinfectants cause.

  • There are no risks of harmful concoctions or the need to evacuate an area during the procedure. 


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