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Our founder Sadia, a Medical Scientist and Geneticist inaugurated her journey in finding solutions to problems in the disinfectant industry. With comprehensive research and supportive clinical trials, she has created an innovative procedure that creates a hybrid biodegradable nanoscale barrier coating that allows recurrent disinfection for up to 336 hours. This is to ensure surfaces are protected continuously reducing decontamination, cross-contamination and infection-causing pathogens.

Her mission is to educate different industries of a safer and efficient method, preventing the respirative effects on humans, toxic effects on the environment and significantly reduce the levels of pathogenic resistance. Currently, her procedure targets the likes of Coronavirus, Ebola virus, pathogens that cause hospital-acquired infections and many more.

The novel method aims to cascade a positive impact on the market and keep public health at a more progressive stage by targeting all strains of pathogens in a very short time scale.

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