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Economic with the truth (Safety in Numbers)

This blog is biased, like so many others written over the last 5 years with the growth of faux experts supporting the claims of whoever is paying them that week and the eternal quest for our legacy digital footprint. I only write blogs for companies I’ve invested in so I’m not absolved here either.

I am by nature economical in my writing, as a rule, if I leave something unsaid, it is as intentional as the words I convey to allow for inference.

This puts working with Voltique in a difficult position. The things I could educate you on regarding how p hacking works would not, I feel, be a waste, except this is a blog for a select audience. Do you need me to tell you that when Domestos says it kills 99.99% of all known germs it is true?

Or that when getting a shampoo survey done, they ask 1000 people 250 questions not relative to the shampoo so that those who favour the preferred outcome can be selected from the larger sample size based on how they ranked characters of friends (*89% of 483 surveyed is not because they surveyed 483 people).

So, where do we go with the truth? Do we allow it to burn bright in the corner of a large room, or do we filter the light to illuminate a greater area? I think the answer lies in why we’re shedding light at all.

The claims of others cannot be compared to the claims you make yourself. As a company, we try not to create a comparison table or competitor analysis, which would make life easier for potential customers. The reason for this is not ambivalence, it is because everything we say about our products is a fact. We take our product out personally to clients and demonstrate its efficacy. Not just the good results from a lab, but how it will work in their environment.

We’ve done enough of this now for the results we see to only come as a shock to the customers. This honest approach is where we will remain, unfazed by the hazy light of “up to 30/60/365 days” or the blatant lies of “completely safe” when the guy applying it is in a full hazmat suit.

I would feel comfortable in an environment that has just been sanitised using bleach. Not a brand of bleach, just regular off the shelf bleach. If that area hasn’t immediately before my entrance been cleaned by bleach I would no longer feel that protection inherently. If that area has been treated by anyone trained to correctly apply Voltique, I would feel the same level of protection after 14 days even if 2000 people had passed through that area before me. Why? Because I am a cynic and when I was asked to promote and extol the virtues of this product, I spent the year that the rest of the world made a fortune selling theoretical protection based on fear with inferior products we set out to deliver what the others could only claim - proof.

So whilst we are a fledgling business we will shine brightly in the corner, safe in the knowledge that in our particular corner all the angles are covered, whereas the rest of the room let me tell you, it's what’s hiding in the shadows that will kill you.

Happy Halloween.

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